Cerro Campanario photo day

Hello from Bariloche!  Donna have been here for about a week and a half now and we have a lot to write about, but just haven’t gotten around to a creating a detailed post about our Spanish school, the homestay and the beautiful city of Bariloche that we’ve been exploring.  However, in order to not leave everyone hanging, I am putting up this quick photo-post of our day today — Tuesday, August 12.

A brief rundown of the day is as follows.  My Spanish lesson ended an hour earlier than Donna’s since I am the only intermediate student in the school and therefore they are 1-on-1, so I walked around town for about half an hour and took a few pics of the Civic Center area and Lake Nahuel Huapi.  Once Donna was released we had lunch at a restaurant with a gorgeous view of the lake.  Then we caught a collectivo over to  Cerro Campanario, which is a small mountain (more of a hill, really, by the standards of Patagonia) with a stunning view of the many “finger lakes” that extend in and around the area.  We hiked up to see this spot that is revered to be one of the 5 best vistas in the world. I think the below pictures do that at least a little bit of justice!

After that we headed back to Bariloche and eventually back to la casa de Mara, where we’ve been staying since we arrived two Sundays ago.  More to come…


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